A line.

A LINE.jpg
A LINE.jpg

A line.


a full name. a short quote. a phrase. wise words.

penned for you to print and enjoy #thisisnotafont

perfect for rubber stamps. stationery. tattoos. wallpapers. and so. much. more.

looking to use in ways beyond non-comm? from blogs to branding, ask me about a commercial license.

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TYPE A designs are penned to order. One of a kind. Just like you.

Once your order is received, you will be emailed a proof within 5 working days to verify proper spelling. After approval of the digi proof, your file will arrive within 3 working days. (Need it sooner? Contact me and we can make it work.)

Want to use the calligraphy for any commercial purpose? From blog to branding - email me and we'll set up a commercial license.